Stockholm – Meetings & Vacation in the Swedish capital

You I believe you never heard that one before, but after a couple of days in the capital of Sweden I surrender! This is an amazing city, I spent a couple of days during a conference and in the end I stayed some more nights on my own just to get a touch of the hype that my friends has been buzzing about this classic town. As you imagine this review will be a lot of oh and ahs.

A great stay

I stayed at Sheraton Hotel in central of Stockholm, luckily enough my company paid for a really nice suite and I can’t complain about the room, it was really really good. Of course it’s kinda sad to say but the breakfast the first day was actually the best meal of the day, not gonna mention the name of the restaurant we ate at that day. Our meeting was located at the same hotel as we had our rooms, Sheraton. Just some levels up. The view from the hotel and the conference rooms is really nice, you can see what I know learned is the city hall. It’s the same place as the Nobel prize is awarded if that helps. Got three crowns as a symbol, same as the country of Sweden in hockey. The flag is blue and and yellow, now my knowledge of Sweden sort of reach it’s tails end.

After three days of meetings and conference  I spent two days visiting the Wasa museum, a great ship that sunk when touching water is something the swedes is proud over. Skansen become my favorite spot as well as the island of Djurgården. The classic architecture and the old style really touched my heart. In the evenings I spent some time walking around the south part, known as ”soeder” the o with dots in Swedish, someone said ”soeder hujder”. Back in the days this was the part where the working man was living, nowadays it’s full of hipsters a the cost of an apartment is roughly half a million US dollars.

After spending two nights by myself it was time to go home and I am sort of sad leaving early for the Swedish capital grabbed my heart. I look forward to go back some day and spend like 2 weeks or even live for a couple a months. Thank you Stockholm for a great experience. See you soon.